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1.Company profile

 Baojishi puhui ti-zr co,.ltd Located in the industrial city known as "titanium Valley" – Baoji. The factory is located in Baoji high tech Zone Xuguang Industrial Park. Adjacent to the China largest titanium production enterprise "BaoTi group". Is a research and development, production, sales as one of the joint-stock company.

2.Product Application

 The company's titanium, zirconium materials and products covering aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, marine industry, medical implants, automobile manufacturing, military and other industries. Products production in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T, international standards ASTM, military standard AMS implementation, according to the different requirements of customers, providing different standards of products.

3.Our Product

 The main products include Baoji, Pratt & Whitney titanium zirconium titanium and zirconium materials, nickel containing a variety of metal materials run, CR. Titanium materials are mainly divided into two major categories: pure titanium and titanium alloys; zirconium materials have 702 and 705 zirconium
Titanium products: titanium ingots, titanium plate, hot-rolled titanium plate, cold rolled titanium plate, rolling hard titanium plates and pickling titanium, titanium plate; titanium bar, rolling rods and rod extrusion, forging rod, titanium hexagonal bars, titanium bar, titanium hair bar; titanium tube, cold rolled titanium seamless tube, welded titanium tube, titanium tube, capillary tube, titanium coil; titanium wire, memory alloy wire, flat, plate wire, etc.; titanium anodes and titanium target material, titanium steel composite plate, titanium copper composite plate, titanium nickel composite board, titanium flange, titanium standard parts, titanium non standard custom parts. 

 4 Zirconium products:

  zirconium sheet , zirconium tube, zirconium bar, zirconium flange, zirconiumstandard parts, etc..
 Companies adhering to: "quality is superior, and inclusive customers, strive for excellence, quality first": the principle of ensuring product production cycle, to ensure that customers can receive a satisfactory product in the period of the contract, to provide customers with quality procurement experience. 

5.Our service

 The enterprise has a strong professional quality of R & D and design team (design team in charge of the Department of metallurgy, Xi'an University Of Architecture And Technology), in the metal pressure processing and heat treatment of a comprehensive system of professional knowledge, to provide customers with a pair of professional guidance. The company can according to customer's demand, the product dimension, tolerance requirement, process performance and mechanical performance requirements, for customers to provide a comprehensive and detailed product solutions, the greatest degree of reduced customer acquisition costs, also can according to customer requirements, provide the drawings custom, customers or provide in kind, pictures and other documents by our company is responsible for the design, drawing, production and processing and delivery. Design team and production team can provide customers with a lot of seamless integration of procurement time, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory integration of industrial product solutions.

6.our stock

 Company annual inventory of various specifications of TC4 titanium alloy rods, plates, tubes, as well as titanium wire, all kinds of specifications of TA2 titanium plate, bar, pipe, all specifications of titanium standard parts (titanium screws, titanium nut, stud, screw), etc.. Hope there is a need to come to customers to consult, procurement.

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